Georgian Version


Recording days of "The Night Show with David Gogichaishvili" are Mondays and Thursdays - one day prior to broadcasting.

Apart from people who create this show, the live audience takes an active part in the recording process. We highly appreciate the laughter and applauses of the live audience in the studio.

We know, there is a big interest in attending the recording of the show.

Here's how you can attend the recording:

Call this number - 000000, and register your name. You will immediately get the information about the date, where and when to come. It is necessary that you have your ID card or passport with you in order to be allowed in the studio.

While being in the studio you must take into consideration the following:

No smoking;
Turn off your cell phones;
Don't walk or stand up before the recording ends;
Don't shout or chat;
Just relax and laugh.